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Because they are so versatile and hardy, ornamental grasses have been part our natural habitat for as long as man himself and now they are being specified more and more in domestic gardens. They can be used as specimen plants, planted into containers, into borders or as ground cover and screens. Ornamental grasses are now available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, each with it’s own form and distinctiveness and not only that, they add a sense of sound and motion to your garden which most shrubs can never attain.

When they are established, ornamental grasses need very little maintenance to keep them looking good not only in the summer months but also throughout the winter time.

There are no entirely maintenance free plants but ornamental grasses come very close.

They grow in most soil conditions, they are rarely bothered by pests or disease and when planted into coloured decorative gravels or chippings you can create your own swathe of form and colour. 

TG Hardwicks at Wolverley can now bring you your chosen grasses together with a choice of decorative gravels, chippings or tree bark and also weed control matting if required, call in or telephone 01562 850447 for assistance.

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