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Site Validity

W3C HTML     [ info (HTML Standards) ]

  W3C HTML4 Valid 

The W3C HTML 4.01 Specification is an important web standard, it has been published since 1999 yet many so-called professional web designers still do not adhere to them. These standards ensure that the website will be available to all web browsers and operating systems which is essential as people do not all use the same systems. This site, and every site produce is 100% W3C HTML valid code.

W3C CSS     [ info (CSS Standards) ]

  W3C CSS2 Valid 

The W3C CSS2 Specification is compatible with all modern browsers and allows professional web designers to enhance a web site's look & feel greatly and at the same time minimise (and usually actually cut-down) a web sites file size, thus allowing users on all Internet speeds to access the site with ease. This site, and every site produce utilises 100% valid CSS code.

W3C WCAG-WAI Guidelines     [ info ]

  W3C WCAG-WAI AAA Valid  Bobby AAA Valid 

W3C & "Bobby" both provide detail on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 which is available in three levels; A, AA & AAA. This site meets the highest standards of "Triple A" (AAA).

US Section 508 Guidelines     [ info (Section 508) ]

  Bobby 508 Valid 

The U.S. Section 508 Guidelines cover a variety of basic web accessibility issues which we adhere to. Cross-Compatibility     [ info (Cross-Compatibility) ] always create web sites using the best methods we can, no more "Best Viewed In xxx Resolution Using xxx Browser" or a spurt of "Script Errors" when loading a site! Anybody can view the sites that we create using any browser, in any screen resolution on any operating system using any Internet connection speed. We do this by following the web standards above and testing our sites on a variety of different systems to provide the most cross-compatible site we can.